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We have found that many people today long to connect with the natural world but lack the knowledge and skills to feel confident and comfortable in the wild. We work with our current students and families to do exactly that. Our focus is to bring families and friends closer together by getting out and experiencing nature through a unique, hands-on learning experience. We focus our teachings around loving and giving back to the Earth, foraging, bushcraft, camping, and other aspects of wilderness survival. Currently offering Forest Schooling for ages 6 months-14 years!



At NC Nature School, our mission is to save a generation from technological obsession and dependence by connecting families to nature, remembering the skills of our ancestors, striving to become more self-sufficient, and providing community to all those trying to guide themselves and loved ones through the bizarreness of modern life. Our message to any whom feel disconnected from this life and long to belong, to any parents hoping to raise children that are confident, capable, and clever; to any that think there is more to this human experience than the culture of disposability and dependency “they’re” selling us: what you search for is here, in nature. Come ‘round our fire; rest your weary legs from their wondering – you’ve made it – this is tribe.

Currently offering Forest Schooling for ages 6 months-14 years!

Meet Your Teachers:

Wilderness Survival Educator

Lake discovered his love for the outdoors in the decade he spent in the Boy Scouts of America. After he attained the rank of Eagle Scout he continued to participate in the scouting program in both leadership and event planning capacities and has continued to expand his wilderness knowledge since leaving the scouting program. Bush crafting, foraging, primitive skills, and human rewilding are his current areas of greatest interest. You can currently find him teaching Primitive Survival classes and working with Adults and Children to grow their wilderness confidence.

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Nature-Based Children's Educator

Denise developed her appreciation of nature through 15+ years of Girl Scouts, frequent van excursions to many national parks/forests across all 48 contiguous states, and learning about her indigenous roots. She has been hooked since those first calls of the wild and has been expanding her skills ever since. Foraging, hiking, camping, Native traditions, and educating are her main areas of interest. She is a passionate preschool teacher that uses her skills to help many young minds discover the joys of life through nature exploration with many years of experience instructing adults and children of various learning abilities. She puts these skills to good use teaching hands-on farming and nature-based learning classes with local farms and preschools while specializing in teaching sensory seekers.

Together, we are NC Nature School


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